CD & IK Spring Retreat 2013

Last weekend my club brothers and sisters and I packed up our cars, piled in and made the seven hour trek to Marble Falls for our Spring Retreat weekend. Austin, David, Emily and I drove together and had so much fun!

I feel like such a failure because I forgot my camera on this trip! Thankfully, my awesome friends took some great pictures that I can borrow to help tell the story.

On Friday night we got to the camp and ate dinner. My big brother and some of his awesome helpers made dinner of potatoes, shrimp, sausage, and corn. I am happy to say I tried it all and liked the spicy flavor even though it wasn’t my favorite meal. The sausage and potatoes were yummy, I just had to stop thinking about how it had been all mixed with the shrimp and corn. LOL, its just that OCD in me.


After dinner we went down to the fire and had a devo. This was the part of the weekend that I was most looking forward to. I needed a little time with Jesus.

We headed down to the water and everyone jumped in in their clothes! I wasn’t about to join them so I sat on the dock and cuddled in all the towels because it was a little chilly with the breeze.

That night I went to bed pretty late and got to sleep in which was awesome!! I really needed a good nights rest.

When I woke up I hung out with Austin and some of the other IK guys until lunch. We had burgers and then headed down to the dock. We went swimming and soaked up the sun. Apparently I had a little too much sun though because despite the 3 different sunscreen applications and only getting in the water once I still got BLISTERS from the sun. It was awful!!

Dinner Saturday night was yummy. We had brisket, beans, potato salad, bread, and cobbler for dessert. We all sat around the picnic tables after dinner and had a devo filled with scripture from a new perspective.

Then, it was time for club traditions! Each of the new members in Koinonia went and got a gallon of milk and proceeded to try to finish it in less than and hour and keep it down for at least 15 minutes without throwing it up. Nobody was successful but it sure was entertaining watching them try! Austin finished his milk third out of all the guys but he, like the others, wasn’t able to get it all down prior to getting sick.

295763_10151885954034408_1348330499_n 531837_10201001508660743_1724563058_n

I couldn’t handle the retched stench coming from the throw up ledge and eventually had to go inside and watch through the window. It was gross!

34712_10151412784286395_767374261_n 904337_10151647057189715_1824323835_o

After they were finished the CD girls went back to the cabins and the boys all hung out in the mess hall. Each club has separate traditions that they like to continue each year and that was when we took the time to complete them.

At the end a group of us went back up to the patio off the mess hall and hung out. We just laughed and talked and then eventually parted ways and went to bed.

The next morning we got up early, dressed, and headed up to the mess hall to meet everyone for church. One of Koinonia’s chaplains led the service and we enjoyed the community of brothers and sisters that we are so blessed to be a part of.

After going back to pack up all our belongings we took group pictures by class and club and then serenaded, which is my FAVORITE club tradition.



947353_10151585281144819_2024948580_n 947179_10151585281174819_2024372694_n

Then we headed back to Lubbock. We were able to stop in by David’s house for a potty break and visited with his parents for a few minutes to break up the trip a little.

It was such a relaxing weekend and such a fun place to get away from the stress of finals! All weekend I kept telling Austin how much I wanted to buy a house up there and just hide away from the rest of the world. It was beautiful! Well, good-bye Marble Falls! See you next year!!



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