Freshman Year Memories

Here is a list of my favorite memories from this year and their links.

1. For Halloween the girls decorated the dorms and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. (read about it here)


2. Club Rush and Club Commitment week were the first club memories we made this year. (read about it here)


3. TWIRP Week gave us some new experiences and fun date nights! (read about it here)


4. Austin and I got to experience our first Master Follies which was so much fun! (read about it here)


5. After much searching and visiting, we finally found a church that we could find home. (read about it here)


6. This was the first time I ever experienced a real snow day where school was canceled. What better way to celebrate than by making snow cream! (read about it here)


7. I got accepted into Nursing School! (read about it here)


8. Retreat weekend in Marble Falls was such a nice break away from the stress of school! (read about it here)


9. We got all dressed up and enjoyed a night at Blue Mesa Grill to celebrate the end of the year with our club brothers and sisters. (read about it here)

PicMonkey Collage3

10. And last but certainly not least, Austin proposed to me in front of the Chap where our story began 3 short years ago. (read about it here)



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