Since I’ve Been Gone

I took a little blogging break as I settled back into life here in good ole Arizona. Austin and I traveled home a week from two weeks ago. We were very excited to be in our homes with all our family and friends. It was a long drive and we were a little cramped with the pile of belongings in the backseat, but it was worth it.

Since I’ve been home, I started cleaning out my bedroom, worked on wedding projects, hung out with friends and family, and started my summer job. It has been busy busy busy!!!

While I kind of dreaded returning to the Arizona heat, I am remembering why I love it here. It has its ups and downs and the days in between when you just kind of exist because its too hot to function enough to do something. Its home though and I am enjoying it!

Here are some of the fun things I’ve done so far:

1. Worked on wedding center pieces

2. Sold my first set of MaryKay!

3. Got to fall asleep reading something other than a text book!

4. Went swimming

5. Went furniture shopping with Austin for our  apartment

We have been having a great summer so far. Keep in touch to read about the other adventures we take this summer! Have a blessed day!


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