Happily Ever After – Dating Part 1

Austin and I met when we were in the 3rd grade at Bible Camp. In fact, his sister was my counselor for multiple years and I have lots of the same memories that he does despite the fact that we never spoke.


Once we got a few years older, Austin visited my youth group a few times. I didn’t speak to him there either because he was intimidating and cute. He likes to remind me of this often.

At my first year of Encounter, a summer camp that LCU sponsors, Austin and I ran into one another again. He flew to camp with his brother and youth minister but didn’t have a big group to hang out with like I did. I quickly got annoyed with my group after a 14 hour car ride and too little sleep so I began hanging out with Austin’s brother Dakota. Austin and I talked a little bit but we mostly hung out in a group with my friends and played card games during free time and sat together during worship.

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I did tell every girl in my group to stay away from him though because I knew right away that I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. Its a good thing they listened!

I became even klutzier than I already am. I spilt at least one drink per meal and more often than not it wasn’t my own. While eating breakfast cereal my spoon ended up in my lap, I tripped over air, and I got backhanded during a game of ninja. I became nervous and accident prone which was probably quite humorous for anyone paying attention.

At the end of the week I got both Austin and Dakota’s numbers and left with my group. I started texting them on the way home and was eager to add Austin of Facebook when we arrived back in Arizona. One of the guys that came to Encounter with us grew up in the same church that Austin grew up in. He told me that the boys were going to try to get their family to visit Northwest which made me super happy.

Austin went to another LCU summer camp after Encounter  that didn’t have cell phone service and when he finally arrived at home I didn’t have the nerve to text him. I got on Facebook one day and saw that he was on as well and started chatting with him. About 30-seconds later he added that he was in a relationship to his profile and I felt shut down.

It didn’t last long though, and pretty sure he was single and visiting church with me. We hung out during youth group stuff and started texting constantly.

One night after youth group he asked me if he could call me and gave me a hug before leaving. Later that evening I received a call. He kept telling me that he wanted to get to know me better and that he really liked me. Relapsing into nervous, idiot-me mode, I continually repeated the only phrase that hopped into my head, “most definitely”.

The following week he waited outside the youth room at the end of small group and asked me to be his girl friend. I was so excited and said yes!

Join me tomorrow to hear about our first date! 🙂


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