Happily Ever After – Dating Part 2

Happily Ever After – Dating Part 1

After becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, Austin and I weren’t really sure how to date. It was difficult because he lives 25 minutes away from my house, we go to different schools, and we were both 15 years old without the ability to drive.

About a week into our relationship my sister had a birthday party and I was able to invite Austin and Dakota to come bowling with us.

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My dad hadn’t met Austin until this night and he was telling me prior to the party all of the rude things he was going to say in hopes of scaring him. I gave Austin a heads up so that our relationship wouldn’t end before a real date. At the end of the night my dad told Austin that he wasn’t afraid of going back to jail again. Austin laughed and responded, “me either”. Needless to say, they have been buddies ever since.

A little time later Austin and I went to a football game together at my school. We had a lot of fun and I was able to introduce him to some of my friends that wanted to meet him. He held my hand for the first time and I was a tad bit too short for that. My dad, who went to the game with my sister made sure to point that out after the game.

We pretty much hung out with our families for the first 6 months of our relationship. Because we couldn’t drive, we went almost everywhere with them. If we went to the movies with my family we would just sit by ourselves. But other than that we were all one big happy family.

Our first date without any parents was my winter formal school dance. It was my first school dance and I was excited to go get dressed up and spend the night with Austin. My grandma and parents helped me pick out the perfect dress and I got to go get my hair done. Austin brought me pink roses, the first flowers I ever got from a boy other than my daddy. Taking pictures was awkward at first, but we figured it out.

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A few days after my 16th birthday I was able to get my drivers license and I was able to drive Austin and I to our first “grown up” date. We went to the movies and to get a snack.

A lot of people thought it was weird that we spent so much time with our family during our dating relationship. We were constantly at one of our houses and loved playing games, cooking dinner, and going out with everyone. Of course there were times that we wanted to go on dates, just us, but overall we enjoyed having the time with everyone.

That is one of my favorite things about our relationship. I wasn’t just dating Austin, but I was in a way dating his family too. I got to learn about them and slowly became part of the family. It is the same way with my family for him. We have been immensely blessed by these relationships.







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