Happily Ever After – Dating Part 4

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Austin and I have always made sure to celebrate each milestone in our life together. We spend every anniversary together without fail and every month on the 4th one of us points out how many months that we’ve been together. Instead of doing anniversary gifts, we write letters. I love this because I have a whole box of letters from every anniversary and valentines day in addition to the random ones.

Our first celebration was our 6 month-aversary which happened to land on Easter sunday.

039Austin made cake and I made chocolate covered strawberries and we went on a picnic.


We stayed out and watched the sun set before heading home to get ready for school the next morning.




For our first year together, it was pouring rain outside. Austin had planned to take me on a hike up the mountain by his house and have dinner up there while we watched the sun set. (In case you haven’t picked up on that yet, its one of my favorite things to do.) Since it was pouring, he set up a tent in the back yard and took me camping. There were christmas lights stranded around the tent so we could see. We made pizza and ate in the tent and played board games.

one year heart


For our second year together we went to the movies. Austin was so sweet and let me pick the movie we saw. Naturally, we watched the Dolphin Tale. Afterwards we went out to dinner. I don’t really remember what else we did but we probably went over to one of our homes and hung out with our family for the rest of the night.


This past October we went out to dinner and painted pottery at the Clay Cafe here in Lubbock. It was so much fun and such a cool surprise!

183446_2439020070528_1404281994_n DSCN4944

Austin and I decided that we will continue to celebrate our October 4th anniversary each year in addition to the anniversary of our wedding. Its just a nice little reminder of all the time we’ve spent together and how our love for one another has grown.






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