Happily Ever After – Dating Part 5

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My favorite part of high school each year was the school dances. Austin and I went to different schools but we tried our best to attend each dance for both of our schools.

Our first dance together was Winter Formal our sophomore year of high school. You can read about this in post 2 of this series.


We also went to Junior homecoming. Austin’s sisters did my hair and make-up and I loved they way it all turned out.

Homecoming dance 73026_1211319898791_1702576245_381986_7854167_n 73739_1211319698786_1702576245_381984_3931886_n 69360_1211319538782_1702576245_381982_3506702_n

Senior Homecoming

This was the first dance we went with friends to. We went out to dinner before hand and then joined everyone at the dance.

IMG_2391 Homecoming Edited 1 Forever and Always Background photo IMG_2375


Senior Prom

I loved my dress this year. I had to wear huge platform heels to avoid my dress dragging the floor. It was kind of ridiculous!

Austin brought me not one, but two corsages because the first one was a little fragile.  I felt like a princess!

IMG_3492 IMG_3559 IMG_0312

Austin’s prom fell on the same night as mine. So we went to dinner with his friends and did my dance. His mom set up a cute dinner for us and made amazing dessert, so I thought I’d start the pictures there.IMG_3540 IMG_0295 IMG_0294

Then we proceeded to take more pictures before heading off to the dance.IMG_0292 IMG_0284 IMG_3514 IMG_3503 IMG_3500_2




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