Happily Ever After Dating – Part 6

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The first set of birthdays that we had together were so much fun! It wasn’t until this point that I realized just how hard it was to shop for boys. We had so much fun this year that we agreed to try to pick things we can do together for our birthdays.

For my birthday Austin got me tickets to see cinderella the ballet. We went out to dinner before hand and then his sisters dropped us off at the play. I loved it! 076

For Austin’s 16th birthday I got him a Diamond Backs T-shirt with his name on the back and 04 on the back, the date we started dating. My parents took us to the Diamond backs game and we were able to use the seats my dads work have season passes for. We sat 4 rows up from the dug out and got our tickets signed by some of the players. Austin had a lot of fun which made me super happy.30069_394400025282_539110282_4659441_3938331_n


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