Happily Ever After: Our Engagement

As I am sure most of you have heard on Facebook or from talking to either Austin or I, yesterday was a big day for us. Here’s the story…

I started my day yesterday at 8 a.m. With classes all day and a years worth of homework to do, I was perfectly content with the thought of staying in sweats and heading to dinner.

When I got back to my dorm room to drop off my backpack, my friend Emily met me so we could head to dinner together. She was all dressed up and told me that we were going out so I needed to change. I was not happy! I argued with her and eventually gave in and put on the skirt and sweater she picked out for me. Luckily I took it upon myself to do my hair because I sure needed it after the day I had.

Emily lied to me the entire time we were getting ready and I suspected nothing. As soon as I walked outside, I found a letter taped to the ground with my name on it. I picked it up and read it and then caught onto what was happening.


By the time I finished the second note, I was crying. One by one I read the letters, each containing a memory from our past. They were so sweet and some were really funny! I was laughing and crying and it was great. Emily followed me and took pictures and laughed with me while I read the notes.

PicMonkey Collage

There were a bunch of girls following me but I wouldn’t turn around because I was too busy taking in the experience. I was lead b the notes all the way from my dorm to the middle of campus where Austin waited in front of the “moody” which is our auditorium. He stood in the same place that we first talked at Encounter in 2009.



The second to last note was taped to the ground and it finished with the words, “because now you’re MINE!” When I got up to him, he handed me the last note. It said “I have had so much fun writing our story, are you ready to write part two?”

I looked up at him and he bent down on one knee.

He said “Are you ready to write the rest of our story?” I was smiling so big and was holding back tears. He told me he loved me and then popped the question.

I said yes!


He did such a great job picking out the ring!


We made some phone calls and had dinner. We had to part ways to go to club master follies practice but planned to meet up again afterward.

Only after lots of pictures of course! (He got the entire thing photographed! Defiantly one of the many reasons I love him!)

PicMonkey Collage

One of the traditions with club is having a candle lighting ceremony for the girls who get engaged. It is a way to tell all your club sisters at once and share the story. My candle was decorated with bling and purple, and my ring was tied to it. When it got passed all the way around the circle I blew it out and everyone showered me with hugs which was so sweet!


When practice was over I came into my dorm room to get a snack and found such a sweet surprise on my bed. My roommate Hailey had left me a card and a flower which meant so much.


Austin came to pick me up so I could tell him about my candle lighting and make a few more calls. When I got in the car he called me his fiance and my heart melted!


I am so excited to start the next part of my life with Austin, my best friend, my other half, my soulmate. I know it won’t always be easy, but I know that having him by my side will be the biggest blessing God has ever given me. I ask for your prayers over our relationship as we continue this journey! Thank you!



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