Our Someday is Here!!

The flowers are gathered, the bows are all tied
And later this evening I’ll stand by your side

The venue has been chosen with attention and care
In hopes that all those we love will be there

The dresses are hung, suits pressed and prepared
While make-up and hairspray are filling the air

My girls in all purple and me draped with white
We’re all ready for pictures with smiles of delight

Glitter and Giggles filling the room
All I can think about is seeing my groom

When the time finally comes I’ll take my dad’s arm
As our guests smile at the ring bearers charm

I’ll float down the aisle my eyes filled with tears
I’ll soak in the moment I’ve dreamed of for years

You’ll take my hand and I’ll smile again
That is when our moment begins

We’ll say our vows and promise for life
Babe, I’m so excited to become your wife!!

We will walk out together and greet all our friends
Then we’ll head to the reception where the party begins

The cake will be cut and not smashed on my face
Music and dancing will fill the whole place

Today will be fun, filled with laughter and cheer,
It’s you and me babe, our Someday is here!







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