College Essentials – Packing List

When I was preparing to come to college I wrote lists of things that I needed to buy, make, pack, etc. There were also maps of how I wanted to decorate and arrange my dorm room and detailed plans of how I was going to get everything to fit into the small four walled room that I would soon be living in. There were so many online lists that listen everything you could possibly ever need in ABC order that it was a tad bit overwhelming. To be honest, I choose the things I knew I would use and added a few comfort items and found what worked for me. Feel free to print and use this packing list!


Here are some other tips:

– Pack enough toiletries at the beginning of the year to last at least a semester. Its often cheaper to buy 2 deodorants instead of 1 anyway, or the family pack instead of individual items.

– Don’t invest in actual plates, cups, and utensils. It is hard to wash dishes well in a dorm room sink and it takes time that we college students often don’t have. Instead, just buy a stack of paper plates and some plastic disposable forks, knives, and spoons.

– If you already have a printer that’s great but in all honesty it is often way cheaper to just utilize the school’s copy machines and printers. We have $25 print credits loaded to our accounts automatically at the beginning of each semester and we spend it whether we use it or not.

– Don’t plan out exactly how you are going to set up your room because more than likely it isn’t going to work out that way.

– Remember to breathe! Move in day is uber stressful, especially if you are meeting your roommate and her family for the first time. If you just take it one step at a time though it can be a lot of fun and run seamlessly.

– DIY projects make your room super fun! Here are some of mine:
Dorm Room Pictures
Framed Wall Art
Ragged Square Quilts
Bulletin Board

Feel free to start a list in the comments if I missed anything!! 🙂 I’d also love to see pictures of your rooms when you get all settled in so leave links in the comments!



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