Happily Ever After: Wedding Week

Thought for the Day: “Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor.” – Romans 12:10

I want to take the next few days to share photos and memories of the exciting summer that Austin and I got to share. Today is designated for what we call “wedding week”. 

Friday, exactly one week before the big day, Austin picked me up at work and we headed to the airport. Our friends Wesley and David flew in from Texas to join us in all the exciting festivities!

IMG_0119We spent the weekend hanging out and having fun! It was so hot during the day so we headed to the water park to cool off. I told them to drink a lot of water but they didn’t listen to me…

Saturday night my friend Emily flew in from Texas. She had to deal with some crazy weather along the way but I am glad that it worked out!! That night we stayed up really late hanging out and laughing and catching up from the summer!

Throughout the week my Mom made dinners for everyone and we kept ourselves entertained between all the wedding preparations.

The boys tried “Pocahontasing” in the pool. This was the result of multiple attempts.


I talked everyone into playing PIT. Unfortunately I only came in second but it sure was entertaining!


I left the boys alone with my camera for literally 10 seconds and this was the result…


Tuesday night, our wedding party threw us bachelor and bachelorette parties. We went to dinner separately. I was treated to a personal favorite, Olive Garden. We then changed from our cute dresses to the bridal party tank tops that Janine made us and headed to the laser tag building.



We jammed out to the Pitch Perfect sound track the whole way there!




The girls won the first round but the boys took revenge in the second. It was so much fun! We parted ways for the night and let the parties continue. We went back to my friend Janine’s house for games, snacks, and movies.


After the first few days I started getting more stressed out. I began to make time for more wedding things. My favorite of which was spending Thursday morning at the nail salon with my girls.





Early Thursday morning Abby and Trey arrived from Lubbock. They had driven all night in order to make it. We were so excited to see them! It was such a special treat.

It was super fun to celebrate with everyone at our Rehearsal dinner the night before. We ate at one of my favorite Mexican restraints with all our friends and family.




I was so blessed to have the best helpers during wedding week. I was super stressed out and every time I was about to lose it one of them brought me back down and reminded me to breathe. We had a lot of fun and a lot of memories were made.


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