Happily Ever After: DIY Projects

Thought for the Day: “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” – Proverbs 13:4

Today I want to focus in on some of the crafts that I was able to complete for our wedding. By doing so much of the wedding myself (with some help from Austin and family) I was able to create a personal wedding that we had always dreamed of.

Because I planned so much of this wedding from my dorm room in Texas, there was only a few projects that I could accomplish. The first thing completed was our guest book. I designed it on snappish with our engagement photos and multiple blank pages for people to sign. They offered a lot of light patterns that made it cute but easy to see the messages that our guests left for us. It was all black and white which really made our photos pop. We put it out at the church for people to sign as they entered for the ceremony. You can see it in the following picture from our reception.

JA Wedding 1133

Austin and I selected a sparkler send off instead of rice or bird seed or whatever. We spent a date night watching movies and making these cute matchboxes as favors for our guests. (If you are interested in designing you own, you can find tutorials online or ask me to email you instructions.)

My mother-in-law designed the cookies shown below the matchbox. She made one for each guest with their name on it for the table cards. She did such a good job and everyone LOVED them!

JA Wedding 1123

I wanted to have cute table centerpieces that matched the rest of the wedding so I spent some time over spring break and over the summer making vases. I bought 30 vases at the dollar tree, ribbon and glue dots on sale at JoAnns, and rhinestones from some company in China via ebay.  (I found the same exact ones at Michaels for $5 a piece so this was a great find!) I used the glue dots to wrap a ribbon around each vase and tied a huge bow on each one. I glued the rhinestones on the ribbons and then placed white roses and babies breath in each one. We propped up pictures that I designed on photoshop with table numbers on them on the backside of the vase. They were all placed on top of some white sparkly tulle and beads displayed on each table. I think the pictures made them personal and I really liked the glitter!

JA Wedding 1119

These are the major projects that we completed for our wedding. It was definitely worth the work and I would do it all again in a heart beat. (Not the getting married thing, just the crafts.)

If you have any questions or want to share your DIY wedding crafts comment, I’d love to see!






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