CD IK Paint Brawl Mixer 2013

Thought for the Day: “I am oppressed and needy! May the Lord pay attention to me! You are my helper and my deliverer! O my God, do not delay!” – Psalm 40:17

One of the mixers that we throw each year to get to know incoming Freshman and other students interested in clubs is our Paint Brawl Mixer. We have so much fun playing games, hanging out in the sun, and getting messy! My goal was to make my shirt prettier than it ended up last year. After I washed it there was a beautiful array of paint stains left covering the previous brown paint from the previous brawls. For those of you who know me, I hate getting my hands dirty, much less my whole body… Please, be proud.

Paint Brawl PhotosPaint Brawl 9 Paint Brawl 6 Paint Brawl 7 Paint Brawl 10 Paint Brawl 1 Paint Brawl 1.5 Paint Brawl 2 Paint Brawl 3


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